The following Awards for 2018 will be presented PSA, FIAP, & SPF Medals, Ribbons and Certificates to be won.

For 2018 for each section the following Awards will be presented by the Judges –

PSA, FIAP, and SPF Medals and Ribbons, and Honourable Mentions. In addition to the above awards the 'FIAP Best Author Award' will be presented to the author with the highest number of acceptances from all Six Sections.

A special award will be made to the Best Club Entry outwith UK, Best Club within the UK (excluding Scotland), and the ‘Dumfries Octocentenary Trophy’ will be presented to the Best Entry from a Scottish Club. In addition SPF Gold Medals will be awarded to Best Entry in each section from a Scottish Resident.

Accepted Prints and Projected Digital Images will be eligible for FIAP honours, Acceptances in Colour Print and Monochrome Print sections will be credited towards Pictorial Print (Large Print) Classes for Star Ratings and Who's Who for each section. Acceptances in the Nature sections will be credtited towards Nature Classes for PSA Star Ratings and Who's Who listings. Acceptances inPID recognised Colour Section shall be credited towards PID Colour Star Ratings and Whos Who Colour listings. Monochrome Images accepted in PID recognised Monochrome sections shall be credited towards PID Monochrome Star Ratings and Who's Who Listings.

Members of the organising committee are not eligible for any of the above awards. The Salon Chairwoman and Panels of Selectors are ineligible to enter any sections of this Salon.