Entry Fees


 1 Section2 Sections3 Sections4 Sections5 Sections6 Sections
£ Sterling1215182124  27
Euros1518212427  30
US $16202428 32  36

If you wish your Prints returned you MUST include Return Postage for prints as follows

UK - (£7.00 + 25p per print)  OR   EUROPE/ REST of the WORLD - (€10 euros + € 0.50 per print) ($15 US + $1 per print) 

(Please Note – This does not include 1st Class. Airmail return of Prints to Europe only. Rest of the World by Surface Mail Only)

  • Groups or Club Entries - are accepted at £1.20 (1.50 Euros/US $1.50) per photograph – minimum remittance £25 (35Euros/US $35) PLUS RETURN POSTAGE at the rate above. This discounted rate will automatically be set if you use our online entry system to enter as a group. Please note - all report cards, catalogues will be returned to one address, as will any print entries unless asked to forward to another exhibition. If using the manual entry form for Prints Only Entries please use a separate entry form for each author. For full details about CLUB/GROUP entries  (click here for CLUB/GROUP entries) .
  • Note - Even if you are not a Club, WE ARE HAPPY FOR GROUPS OF INDIVIDUALS to enter in this way to save on costs. Just enter as a group on our website and leave the name of the Club/Group blank. You do not however qualify for the Club Award unless you are a bone fida club.
  • Paypal payment is available. You do not need a paypal account to pay by paypal; You can also make Credit or Debit Card payments by paying via the Paypal option. Paypal is only available when entering via online entry.
  • Overseas Entrants – No Foreign Cheques, Euro cheques, or Coins will be accepted. Bank notes or Paypal payment are preferred. Postage rates for overseas entries assumes that the maximum weight of packages does not to exceed 2 kilos. Entries should be sent with customs labels stating - ‘Photographs for exhibition only’  ‘Temporary Import To be Returned to Sender’  ‘NO COMMERCIAL VALUE’  Entries showing a Customs value will not be accepted.
  • UK Entrants – £ Sterling Cheques on UK Banks will be accepted. Please make cheques payable to – ‘SCOTTISH PHOTOGRAPHIC FEDERATION (SALON A/C)’. 
  • ALL PRINT ENTRANTS - If you wish your entries forwarded to Edinburgh you do not require to include postage. 
  • UK PRINT ENTRANTS - If you wish to collect your entries at Carluke, or PAGB Warwick, or via the SPF network - Please make arrangements with the Salon Chairwoman Libby Smith BEFORE completing your entry - Full Contact Details are on the home page of this website.
  • Entries will not be returned unless sufficient postage is received. Entries not returned will be destroyed.